markc2We all relate to times when our bodies and levels of stress disrupt our daily lives, where pain can impair our activites.

Since 2005 I have developed a passionate interest in how the body deals with pain and heals over time with body work, including yoga and massage. Through various massage courses  including – most recently – sports injury and remedial massage, I have been able to pursue my passion through clinical practice, as well as developing a broad base of skills in Eastern massage techniques including  Tui Na (a form of Chinese traditional deep tissue massage) Thai yoga massage and Ayurvedic treatments.

The assessment and treatments plans in sports massage, knowledge of Eastern techniques and yoga combine really effectively to help me manage your treatments – whether you’re recovering from an injury, working on aspects of strength, flexibility and range of motion, or making yourself more resilient to injury. And remember – it’s not all about sport, it’s about office careers and other jobs too – we all experience stiff shoulders, stress, tight neck and headaches from time to time!

I continue to keep researching, finding workable solutions within massage, bodywork and yoga to fit indivisible issues. I believe in being a solution finder and work closely with other professionals to create effective and achievable solutions for you!

Why not be proactive and book now – take control of your imbalances before they start controlling you!

Please call me on 07590 402448 to discuss your massage requirements. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Careless