It’s my business to help people, and it’s great to get positive feedback. Thank you to Rob Eaves for this glowing testimonial…

“i was referred to Mark after suffering constant soreness from a hip impingement for many years, which in more recent years lead to back and knee issues too. I had tried physio and changed my exercise routines, but the improvements were always temporary. The situation got to the point where the pain would affect my sleep and general well-being. The only route i could see to get any form of long term relief was surgery.
After the first session with Mark the improvement was noticeable and it was clear he knew his stuff, with the stretches provided the bouts of pain became few and far between. Now four sessions in and fours months down the line, occurrences of inflammation and soreness are rare and short lived, i now exercise regularly and have not lost a nights sleep due to the issue. From monthly sessions and from following the stretching routines provided, the issue is well under control and i now no longer have to live with the constant soreness and irritation i once had – so i’m a happy man.
If you’re suffering from from any form of joint or muscle pain, stop messing around and give this guy a call!”