Yoga Classes

Class Timetable

Monday10.30-11.30 amBeginners'/Intermediate PilatesDalham Village Hall, CB8 8TF£10
6.00-7.00 pmStrength and Conditioning (combining Pilates and Yoga) for Beginners/IntermediateDalham Village Hall, CB8 8TF£10
Wednesday7.00-8.00 amBeginners'/Intermediate YogaBedford Lodge Hotel and Spa, Newmarket, CB8 7BX£7.50 book direct with the hotel
8.00-9.00 amBeginners'/Intermediate PilatesBedford Lodge Hotel and Spa, Newmarket, CB8 7BX£7.50 book direct with the hotel
7.00-8.00 pmBeginners'/Intermediate PilatesBedford Lodge Hotel and Spa, Newmarket, CB8 7BX£7.50 book direct with the hotel

I also offer one-to-one yoga classes on request (£50.00 per hour).

I started Yoga classes with Mark almost 2 years ago, completely new to any form of Yoga. I work with horses and my days are mostly outside in the elements, so the promise of the heat was also appealing! I came looking to de-stress, and hopefully improve my core strength. I cannot start to convey how Mark’s Ashtanga Yoga classes have helped my physical and mental well-being, and my Sciatica has gone too!

Mark’s passion and dedication to his practice, and knowledge of his subject shines through. The classes have a wonderful atmosphere; a balanced mix of hard work and some gentle humour, tempered with the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga. I am hooked! I wouldn’t and don’t hesitate in telling anyone the virtues of Mark’s classes, and I feel honoured to be taught by him.

Jane Spencer

My yoga journey

For many years I have suffered from the wear and tear of a heavy sporting and busy working life! Like many of us, I just moaned about it and unhappily accepted the aches and pains of a post cycling/running session.I also accepted the strains and twinges of tight hamstrings, a bad back or tight shoulders, from sitting at a desk!

Then one day in 2008 I attended a dynamic yoga class called Ashtanga Vinyasa, which focussed on linking the breath to movement! It was a pure revelation and relieved many of the problems I was suffering, as well as opening up and strengthening my whole body, though to the core! I was totally hooked as I felt my body healing by softening and easing hard and painful areas! At first I found the yoga postures challenging and frustrating (I still do), but I bring my focus back to the breath and I find there is a sense of peace and stillness! It is here every day and I’ve started to unknot the stress and stiffness in my body and mind, finding a sense of inner freedom!

Yoga also really helps to deal with real life crises and problems. When close family members died – people I truly loved – I felt lost. But, through my yoga practice, including restorative poses, breathing techniques and meditation, I experienced a deep sense of emotional and spiritual comfort and release.

My yoga journey has inspired me to teach others so they to can feel good in mind and body and spirit! I have a belief that every body has the ability to improve their health in this way! I have been a qualified yoga teacher since 2010.

I am so lucky to teach a great group of people. It never ceases to amaze me how willing they are to help other beginners to the practice, and how kind they are to each other when we struggle with life’s demands!! The energy in the room, as the breath resonates around, has power yet beauty; like a piece of classical music it has a harmony and relaxing tone at the same time!

I continue to develop my own practice, learning from other inspirational teachers to help bring the best out of your practice. Their knowledge, hands-on assists and gentle encouragement never cease to amaze me, and I would like to thank them personally. They are in no particular order as one and all give equally; they are my guiding lights in uncertain times…

  • Digby Platt (Stonemonkey)
  • Hamish Hendry and all the teachers at Ashtanga London.
  • Joey Miles
  • Phillipa Asher
  • Kino McGregor
  • Sally Kempton (meditation and articles on Buddhism)